Biggest Mistakes Ecommerce Startups Make

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Biggest Mistakes Ecommerce Startups Make

Are you planning to launch an E-commerce startup? If so, it is a great time to do so. This is because you can easily find the best E-commerce platform for startups. International E-commerce platforms like Shopify, BigCommerce, and WooCommerce are creating quite a buzz.

These platforms have made the process of launching E-commerce stores quite straightforward. It is best to conduct an E-commerce platforms comparison and select the best e-commerce platform 2018 has to offer.

However, even if you select a quality platform, there are still a lot of pitfalls you can fall into. Here are some of the biggest mistakes E-commerce startups make.

Launching too early

Let’s say you choose the best platform. However, there are deadlines you have to meet. This is why you decide to launch your eCommerce store as soon as possible. However, this is a bad idea. When you become hasty, you are bound to overlook possible problems. It is important to test your store thoroughly before launching. You must ensure that your business is ready to face the world.

Incorrect targeting and positioning

There are three core concepts in marketing, namely segmentation, targeting, and positioning. If you don’t target the correct audience and don’t position your business properly, you are bound to fail. These elements make sure that you know how to communicate with your audience and build brand equity. If you are targeting the wrong segment, the traffic to your store will decrease.

Not devising a marketing strategy

You have created an Ecommerce store. You have displayed the products on your website. But, how do you ensure that people visit your online store? How do you increase brand value and equity? This can only be done if you have a sound marketing strategy in place. A lot of companies underestimate the importance of devising a marketing strategy and later find themselves struggling to maintain their sales turnover. Don’t be such a business.

Not including testimonials and product reviews

While people have moved to online platforms, they still don’t completely trust it. Instead, they rely on product reviews and testimonials to build trust regarding a product. E-commerce stores who don’t include reviews tend to suffer. This is because if customers search for reviews on the site of other stores, you might lose your sale.


Try to avoid these common mistakes. If you do, you are in a much better position to sustain your business.

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